This picturesque semi desert is best place to stop overnight trip between Kara Korum and Ulaanbaatar or Hustai national park. It also gives chance to those who don’t have time to see the Gobi desert in southern Mongolia. This stunning sand dunes is located 300km west of Ulaanbaatar and lying over 80km. There is also beautiful small lake makes green oasis alone side of sand dunes and wandering nomads and herds grazing those all like incredible amazing. The rocky mountain Khugnu Khan nature reserve, stretching to located northern part of the desert. Khugnu Khan nature reserve was established in 1993 by 50,000 hectares to protect at its wildlife including wild sheep, ibex, lynx and protect the historical Buddhist ruins monastery Erdene Khamba. This place is best for camel riding and nomadic homestay.

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