Mongolian Gobi is one of the largest mysterious desert in the world. It covers one third of the country in Mongolia. The desert is not like other desert as a Sahara that there is no life but there are life in Mongolian Gobi desert such as the place is home to the only remaining 2 humped Bactrian camels, wild ass and last surviving Gobi bears in the world. Vast area of terrain are rocky rather than sandy and rainfall only averages 8.0 inches every year. The climate is here extreme, temperatures reach +30C in summer, and -30C in winter. Precipitation average less than 120 mm per year, while some areas only get rain once every two or three years. Strong winds up to 85 miles per hour during the spring and fall. The desert is home to the first fossilized dinosaur egg ever found, as well as many other important fossil discoveries and it made American adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews to be famous explorer in 20th century to the World.    

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