In 1220, Genghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror, established his capital city there and used it as a base for his invasion. In 1235 Ogodei Khan, Genghis Khan’s son extended Karakorum much bigger than his father settlements and built a rectangular palace, brick buildings, shamanistic shrine, Buddhist temples and two mosques were once part of the city, which also was an early center for sculpture, especially noteworthy for its great stone tortoises. Period of that time, Kara Korum served as metropolitan city and it was center of trade, commercial, religious and political system of Great Mongolian Empire. In 1388, Kara Korum was invaded and destroyed. Later, the Erdene Zuu Buddhist monastery was built in 1585 on ruins of the destroyed capital and serve to guests. Kara Korum is new born modern city today but when you visit at museum and monastery they bring you to ancient history and culture.

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