The Ongi monastery is situated on the bank of beautiful Ongi river, one of the longest rivers in Mongolia that follows 500km from Khangai Mountains into desert. The monastery was built in 1660 and named for its clear water river where locates 17km south of Saikhan Ovoo village of the Middle Gobi province. The monastery was consisted of 2 complex, older southern complex consisted of various administrative building as well as 10 temples. The northern complex, built in the 18th century, consisted of 18 temples, among them one of the largest temples in all of Mongolia. There were also 4 Buddhist universities. It was unfortunately destroyed in 1939 under the communist party of Mongolia and over 250 monks were killed, and many surviving monks were imprisoned or forced to join the communist controlled army. A large number of ruins including a tall stupa can be seen on the river and on the surrounding hills. After in 1990’s local government was decided to restore the monastery. The first temple was inaugurated in 2004 to commemorative plaque indicating the names of the monks who were killed in political purges. This picturesque place is best spot to break our journey from desert to Central Mongolia or ether way to Ulaanbaatar.    

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