Khorgo and Terkh national park belongs to one part of the Khangai Mountain range. It is about 2000 meters above sea level and located in the territory of Tariat village, Arkhangai province, it is 750km far from Ulaanbaatar. Both extinct volcano with lake were become national park in 1993. Khorgo mountain was erupted in some 8000 years ago and its lava flew into valley and makes picturesque scenery into Tariat river and white lake. Khorgo volcano is rich in beautiful scenery of mountains, streams, rivers, lakes, lavas, green forests and yaks and horses. Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur renowned Great White lake is an stunning beautiful fresh water lake. The lake is 18km wide, 25m deep and over 22km long, covering 60 square km area. The lake is home to 12 species of fishes as a Huko Taiman, Pike, Lenoke etc. The park is rich in fauna and flora, there are 45 species of mammals including red deer, grey wolves, pallas cat, fox and Siberian marmot, 220 soecies of birds includes golden eagle, great bustard, saker falcon, black storck, Baikal teal and 2 species of reptiles and 1500 species of plants, famous one is edelweiss flowers.

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