The Tsaatan, reindeer herders living in the northern taiga forests of Tsagaan Nuur village of most northern Huvsgul province, Mongolia. There are originally from across the border in what is now Tuva republic of Russia, the Dukha are one of the last groups of nomadic reindeer herders in the World. Tuva independent in 1921, when Mongolia gained its independence. At that time, the reindeer people were able to cross the border freely between Tuva and Mongolia. However, when Tuva was annexed to the Soviet Union in 1944, the border was closed. In 1944, Russia was involved in WW II. So the Dukha people fled from Tuva to settle in Mongolia. Mongolian government finally gave them Mongolian citizenship in 1956 and resettled them at Tsagaan Nuur village. Reindeer people live differently from most other people in Mongolia. In recent years, reindeer people have been living in the west and east taiga forested mountains of northern Mongolia and herding reindeers to use them for transportation, daily life, food, milk and products. They live in the high mountains because of their domesticated reindeers can survive about 2200m above sea level. They also live in urts /teepee/ by groups and their population is about 500 left now. 

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