Western Mongolia is covering the territory of Bayan-Ulgii, Hovd, Uvs, and Zavkhan provinces in western most remote region of the country. It is also the most ethnically diverse, high snow-capped mountainous, glaciers, rivers, lakes and scenic region of Mongolia, with thousands of years of history. The region is home to the unique nomads: Kazakhs, a Muslim tribe from near the Kazakhstan, Tuvans and western Mongols. In addition to the ethnic diversity, the region is home to the Altai Mountain Range, with the highest peaks, ‘Huiten Peak’ 4374m in Mongolia, Lake Uvs, a large saltwater lake, and many smaller lakes, mountains, rivers, forests, and steppes. Spread throughout the region are countless archeological sites with petroglyphs, cave paintings, standing stone monuments, monasteries, and ancient forts that date back as far as 15000 years. The one of the treasure in majestic western Mongolia is Kazakh’s whose origin from Turks. They adorn their beautiful Golden eagles and train them for hunting grey wolf, foxes, rabbit and their daily life. They live in the Altai Mountains with their golden eagles.

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